Note Päivä, my experimental prose work (234 pp, Kirja kerrallaan 2004) incorporates the entire news output of the Finnish News Agency (STT) for August 20, 2003. In the book, this stuff is sorted alphabetically by sentence, the chapters being titled “A”, “B” etc. The work is dedicated to Kenneth Goldsmith and takes part of its inspiration from his Day (The Figures, 2003; “päivä” being Finnish for “day”).

Below, an extract from pages 47-50 of Päivä – sentences beginning “Hän” (“he” or “she” in Finnish), in my own English translation, resorted in English.

Charles Bernstein on Päivä

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Leevi Lehto: From Päivä (Kirja kerrallaan, 2004)

Translated by the Author

He added that the stability of the public economy will be carefully maintained at the same time. He admits that putting his soul to the life of the male couple was a challenge in many ways. He baptized the budget as one of work, stability, and confidence. He beat Green easily every time last year, and only very narrowly lost to Tim Montgomery in his WR run. He borrowed his own agony to the protagonist in the novel. He broke through the defence lines, but the low shot failed to have power to it, and Sörensen easily caught the ball. He cleared 232 and had one very good go at 237. He cleared 478 in US Championship Games, and held the Indoors World Record for a short time. He could do no more than 186 in the Swedish Championship Games, and 195 in the DN Gala in Stockholm. He died, possibly in a children’s disease, the day before the Christmas Eve, as his brother had done ten years earlier. He directed, however, part of his criticism toward the occupation administration led by the United States. He does not want to be a pessimist regarding the passive adult population, either. He does not want to reveal the exact plans at this stage, but confirms the company has started building a chain of special stores. He easily cleared two World Championships, won once at the Olympic Games, and also held the World Record. He emphasized that the customers’ savings, loans, or personal information data were not in jeopardy at any stage. He emphasizes that the entire cabinet has now during the budget negotiations committed itself both to lowering of the income taxes and to restrictive public spending. He emphasizes that the entire cabinet has now committed itself both to lowering of the income taxes and to restrictive public spending.

– He exhibited really fine jumps in Malmö, showing to be in an even better shape, Mr Karlsson says triumphantly.

He explained having been so busy in organizing his daughter’s wedding he forgot to return the lottery coupon. He expresses his deepest condolences to the loved ones and the relatives of those killed in the bomb attack, and also says to have conveyed his condolences directly to Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General, on Wednesday. He finalized three goals in just eight minutes, bringing the Portuguese to a convincing 4-0 lead before the half time. He has cleared the 21 meter limit every summer since year 2000. He has lost, during the present season, only to Bergqvist himself, which happened in Eberstadt, where the Swede reached the Nordic Record of 206. He has not, however, thought about competing in two sports. He has run, skated, and visited the gym four to five times a week. He has struggled with minor feet troubles himself, yet did not meet with his superior during the summer’s games. He himself characterized it as a study dwelling on the cut-points between administrative history and the history of foreign policy. He himself was fined with £12000, and got one year on probation. He held both the French and the West-African Reckords in the years 1957-1960.

– He is capable of a 18 meter jump, no doubt about that, assures Ulf Karlsson , the head couch to the Swedish athletics team.

– He is, in view of his extensive professional skills and unyielding attitude, a well-known and respected policeman, whose knowledge and experience has been put to valuable use in numerous and complicated cases of crime, the police are telling.

He is satisfied with the fact that Nakki and Tappi became a happy series. He is the second assistant chairman of the Parliament.

He jumped the season’s world top result a few weeks ago in Castres. He justified his decision to stay out of the presidential race by stating, among other things, that the way the President is elected, in Finland, is “cruel and characterized by personal attacks”. He lifts 330 kilos in back-squat, 240 kilos in bench press, and 140 kilos in two-hand snatch. He lost only twice during the season, and cleared the European Record height of 478 on outdoor tracks. He made the trip on the luxury cruiser together with his mother and four brothers, to meet a new future in America. He managed to get to the shore without injuries, but the shotgun and the mobile phone sank to the lake’s bottom. He practices in a small group consisting of two young javelin throwers and young athletes. He pulled the impressive result of 65,53 this summer. He really turned his fans on by putting the British Record of 21,91 in the States in June. He refers to the suggestion made by Carl-Olaf Homén, in Spring, to transfere the professional practice of the sport under the Olympics Committee. He regretted, likewise, that the present system does not exactly take account the possibility of a long-time mental patient returning to the working life. He regretted the death of Sergio Vieira de Mello, the Special Envoi. He remarked that had the Alliance been better prepared for the work to be done in post-war Iraq, the situation in the country would be much better. He reminds us, that the main lobbyists contributing to the rise of Mrs. Jäätteenmäki were, almost unexceptionally, male. He retired in the year 1984. He returned as a widow to Ylihärmä in November the same year, remarried, but never spoke to his relatives about Titanic or about his first family. He said that the banking proper is so well protected, that the customers wouldn’t need to be worried. He said he had had discussions, over the night, with the leaders of the United States, Russia, and numerous Middle East countries, among others, receiving their support. He said that the UN will conduct a thorough inquiry as to the situation in Iraq, and take strict measures to improve security. He said the UN will conduct a thorough inquiry as to the situation in Iraq, anyway, and take strict measures to improve security. He said the officers of the former Iraqi Secret Service, the former members of the paramilitary Fedajin troops, and the extremist organization had agreed on attacking the so called soft targets at that time. He served earlier as the Managing Director for Mandatum Bankers. He spoke in Mikkeli on Wednesday, at the Finnish Municipalities’ Association’s National Health Project Regional Conference.

– He sure didn’t jump 240 at every event, neither did he smoke or drink all the time, as the myth leads us to believe, Mr. Holm says.

He told he had instigated investigations to sort out the case. He tries to rectify the problems related to the approach stride and to attend to his ailing knee and Achilles tendon. He wanted to bring forth the case, revealed last week, to prevent the spreading of the regrettable habit of getting a sick or tired animal to its feet. He wanted to do the evil without explaining it. He wants high-speed trains running between Riihimäki and Lahti even after part of the traffic will be transferred to the shortcut track.

– He was happy to have a chance to be in peace and quiet, and to take a few days off, Mrs. Romantschuk told.

He was in Baghdad at the time of the strike, together with six other Congressmen. He was on parental leave most of the summer and only returned to the tracks for the Stockholm GP. He went to have a more thorough examination on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, the finger was patched up. He will give a speech on Monday at the Foreign Ministry’s 85 Year Celebration. He will meet Prime Minister Göran Persson in Stockholm. He will remain in our hearts as a man who fought for peace and reconstruction. He wishes the power will be promptly transferred to the Iraqis. He won the 10 km walk at the age of 18 years and 135 days. He won the 5 000 meters. He won the tight London GP presently, putting the top-class result of 21,50.

– He worked for human rights, and especially for the refugees and those suffering, stated Celso Amorim, the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

– He’s been in such a steady shape, Mr. Bergqvist says.