Leevi Lehto @ 60 & In Concert With Himself, Gloria, Helsinki, Feb. 20, 2011

For a complete video coverage (recorded stream + singles), click here.

Me with Ugol Ratmanova

On the evening of Nov. 29, 2008, I had the honor to give an improvised reading together with the Russian experimental electronic band Ugol Ratmanova, as part of “Chromodynamics Project” at the Ulitsa OGI art club, Moscow. To listen to my reading of “Herpaatumatonta hilseilyä”, a translation of “Besotted Desquamation” by Charles Bernstein, click here (mp3, 11:57). – More about the event at nokturno.org.

Video of Finnish-Russian Reading in Cafe Bilingua, Moscow, Nov. 29, 2008

With Alexander Skidan and Sergey Zavyalov (introductions and readings of translations), and readings by Miia Toivio, Arkadii Stypel, Tytti Heikkinen, Dmitry Strotsev, Marko Niemi, and myself (“Byos” and “Sanasade”, the last 15 minutes of the track). Watch and listen (via www.polit.ru)

Aeons Swish In Eden’s Sway

My poem, ”Aeons Swish In Eden’s Sway”, is based on Charles Bernstein’s ”Johnny Cake Hollow”, together with variations of it by the author (into English), Jörgen Gassilewski (into Swedish), me (into Finnish), Jörgen Gassilewski (from my Finnish into Swedish; all these homophonic) and by me into Swedish from my Finnish (metrical-semantic) – all published in ”Oversettelse 2” issue of nypoesi.net. In my poem, I use all the lines of these versions in sequence, permutating them stanza per stanza following the pattern of Sestina end words.

“Aeons Swish In Eden’s Way” was later translated into Chinese by Luo Lianggong, and published, bilingually, in Luo Lianggong (ed.): Our Common Suffering: Anthology of Poets in Memoriam 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, Shanghai Foreign Languages Education Press 2008. At the publisher’s request, I compiled this reading, to be included in a parallel CD release in China. It is a somewhat mechanical mixing of two separate recordings.

Aeons Swish In Eden’s Sway, mp3, 8:03
Aeons Swish in Eden’s Sway: text version

Akustista ja vuosisadan vaihteen musiikkia

My 44 minutes feature in Finnish Radio 1 (Ääniversumi) Sept. 15, 2008 – with readings of poems by Eino Leino, Otto Manninen, Charles Bernstein, Lars Mikael Raattamaa, John Keats and myself: both the full program and nine individual tracks with textual commentary. Read and listen

Norwegian Ords

My poem in Norwegian: text, with links to my “Introduction” and a recording of a reading in Bergen, Norway, Sept. 29, 2007: click here

Miscellaneous readings online

My page at PennSound

Readings of “Sanasade”

Video: In rest. Kerttu, Varsinais-Suomen runoviikko, Nov. 2008
Audio: In Finnish Radio1 (Ääniversumi) Sept. 15, 2008 (mp3, 7:20)
Video: Extracts + short interview; from the opening ceremony of the Helsinki Book Fair, Oct. 26, 2007 [hs.fi]
Video: At Audiatur, Bergen, Norway, Sept. 28, 2007 (YouTube, 1:25)
Audio: Recording Sept. 13, 2007 (mp3, 10:32)
Audio: in Biskops-Arno, April 11, 2007 (mp3, 10:52, with thanks to Martin Johs. Møller)
Audio: the MLA Offsite Reading, Philadelphia, USA, Dec. 29, 2006 (mp3, 2:20, with thanks to MiPo Radio)
Audio: Marko Niemi’s Remix I
Audio: Marko Niemi’s Remix II

Other readings

Four video snippets by Angela Rawlings, from my reading at Zaoem Polypoetry Festival, Gent, Belgium, April 2008

Reading at Audiatur festival, Bergen, Norway, September 2007.

“Toisen äänellä” – readings of “Tuulikannel” and “Sykkö” by Eino Leino (1878–1926) at nokturno.org. Download: Tuulikannel (mp3, 2:09), Sykkö (mp3, 2:39)

Tuulikannel – video of my reading of the Leino poem in the Kuopio Sound Poetry Seminar, Sept. 2007

Video: Charles Bernstein and I reading “Thank You For Saying Thank You” (orig. and transl. by Aki Salmela), Helsinki, August 2006, courtesy by Karri Kokko

Audio Palindrome” – Steve McLaughlin plays my reading of a palindromic poem of mine both ways simultaneously


My soundtrack for artist and scholar Kimmo Sarje’s exhibition “Abstraction on Art”, Aug-Sept. 2007, at Myymälä 2, Helsinki

Voiceovers: Sample I (mp3, 3:32)
Voiceovers: Sample II (mp3, 2:37)

Read my statement for the exhibition

“James Joi Sen, Zeims Zöi Sen”

On Sunday, Sept. 9, 2007, in the Kuopio Old City Museum, Kuopio, Finland, and as part of the Kirjakantti literary festival, the Finnish visual artist Erkki Soininen and I gave a collaborative audio-video performance based on Ulysses by James Joyce (audio in my Finnish translation). Listen to samples from my reading:

From “Telemachus”: In Martello Tower, mp3, 5:52
From “Telemachus”: The ballad of joking Jesus, mp3, 1:31
From “Ithaca”: “What in water did Bloom (…) admire?”, mp3, 3:22
From “Penelope”, mp3, 6:15

Bonus track: an earlier recording of my reading from “Sirens” (March 2007, mp3, 6:09)

The Four Salutes

Versions “of Salut” by Mallarmé read by Charles Bernstein, Tommi Nuopponen and me, Helsinki Aug. 2, 2002 [Translation / Bernstein]

Lake Onega Vox Machina

Four recordings from 2001 by a text-to-speech engine of English translations of sonnets in my book Ääninen (Lake Onega in Leevi Lehto: Lake Onega and Other Poems, Salt 2006)

News From Otava, mp3, 0:42
On the Meaning Of “To Be”, mp3, 0:41
From Suite “Reading Mr. O.P.”, mp3, 1:04
Exactly, Absolutely, mp3, 0:50

Readings from my work by others

Video: Matti Rönkä, the Finnish TV1 prime time news anchor, reading from Päivä, mp4, 2:42