Leevi Lehto and Tero Valkonen performing Lehto’s poem Elegia (Ampauksia ympäripyörivästä raketista, Savukeidas 2004), in LL @ 60, Gloria, Helsinki, Feb. 20, 2011. – Author’s Note: ”This poem incorporates practically all fragments in a gossip column in Eeva [a popular Finnish women’s magazine] 7/2003 that fit in the five foot measure used by Eino Leino in his ‘Elegia’ (Elegy, 1908) – the latter not quite in the Latin Disticon measure (often associated with ground-swell ‘rolling in and breaking apart against the shore, then withdrawing’), yet one that ‘in its rhythmics, follows the wave pattern of the Disticon’ (quotes from Pekka Mattila: Lyriikan avainsanoja, Kirjayhtymä 1963).”