October 17, 2007 5:08 PM Update 2 (and I’m a bit confused about really being forced to type all this out): there are three new books out from ntamo: Tuomas Kilpi: Mestä, Jukka Tervo: Kaksitoista sinistä kuuta, Meri Vesanto: Hartaita lauluja (with others forthcoming soon); the Audiatur poetry festival in Bergen, Norway, end of September, was a tremendous success: check out the extensive audio recordings here, and to read and listen to my new “Norwegian poem”, click here; one of my delightful new aquintances in Bergen was the marvellous French poet Jacques Roubaud (but this video is from an earlier festival, Verbale Pupiller, mid-September in Aarhus, Denmark); on Oct. 4, my wife Kirsi threw a splendid 50th anniversary party, complete with Kenny Goldsmith splendidly producing a Finnish poem for her, which you can hear him singing here; sadly, the great pioneer of Finnish avant-garde poetry, Väinö Kirstinä, died, and was buried yesterday afternoon – the memorial ceremony triggered this new “artistic” video of mine. & back to Facebook: this is a 20 minutes extract from my talk (in Finnish) about social media with students of the Finnish School of Arts and Design this Monday. Next Thursday, Sept. 25, I will have the honor to read in the opening ceremony of the Helsinki Book Fair, and together with Tarja Halonen, the President of the Republic, at that (starting 11 AM, stage “Aleksis Kivi”).

October 17, 2007 4:15 PM Update – or confession – time: If I’ve been away from here for several weeks now, this is partly due to my new interest in (some of you guessed it) the Facebook. Some of you might even have been able to predict it: I believe it is the evolution of my thinking about the socal groundedness of poetry that draws me to – not Facebook as such, but the new realities of what has come to be known as social media. Let’s face it: they are here to stay, and are already – and rapidly – changing everything we used to know about (the end of) writing, identity, authorship, ideology, in short: poetry and poetics. I will have reasons (and hopefully time) to come back to all this, for now, suffice it to paraphraze my friend Kenny: I used to be a writer, then I became a text processor. Then I realized I could leave the processing out – for most purposies, simple pasting was more efficent, and creative. Now pasting itself is quickly becoming obsolent: we are entering the time of reading-as-clicking-as-writing. As for poetry, it’s not – as ever – exactly a question of “using” the (once again) new possibilities the new realities offer for its “advancement” (these are tremendous: but there is no such “thing” as poetry): the challenge is to explore the (new) poetry of those more than real realities (as opposed to the old, virtual ones). For me, it’s going to equal, among other things, a restructuring of my entire web “presence”, soon. Meanwhile, you may always “add me as friend” on Facebook at http://profile.to/leevilehto.