Charles and I, circa 1994 in Manhattan, photo courtesy by Kirsi Poikolainen

Let’s try out some chronology here:


October: Charles Bernstein and I first meet in Manhattan (remember him commenting on the list of “contemporary” poetry anthologies I’d gleaned from the local book stores: “…that one is even worse…”)


Kapinoiva Charles Bernstein ja epätavallisen tavallisuus” – my feature on Charles in Helsingin Sanomat, January 1993 – English


Sane As Tugged Vat, My Love” – Charles’s homophonic transl. of my “Sanat tulevat yöllä” [RIF/T 4.1]
Runoustesti” (my translation of “A Test Of Poetry” [in an abridged version] first published in Nuori Voima. This full version publ. in Bernstein: Runouden puolustus. poEsia 2006)


Juanita And Points Of View II” – my poem in 99 poets/99, ed. by Charles


Charles visiting Finland: reading in Villa Kivi, Helsinki, Aug. 2, 2002
– “The Four Salutes“: Charles, Tommi Nuopponen and I reading versions on “Salut” by Mallarmé
Images from the reading
– Translations: “Lakkaan satamasta” by me


Charles visiting Finland in August
reading in the big “Huvilateltta” event, Aug. 23 (mp3, 16,7 MB, 18:15): “Thank You For Saying Thank You”, “A Defense Of Poetry”, “Dew And Die”, “Laurel’s Eyes”, “Boy Soprano”, “Sane As Tugged Vat, My Love” [not in the recording])
– “Meeting with Charles Bernstein” (with participation of Fredrik Hertzberg, Teemu Ikonen, Karri Kokko, Hasso Krull (Estonia), Olli Sinivaara, Miia Toivio, and me), Kiasma Art Museum, Aug. 24


February: Me visiting Philadelphia, see “My Finnish Poetries” at PennSound


August: Me reading “Yleistämättä lainkaan” (transl. of “In Particular” by Tommi Nuopponen and me), Villa Kivi, Helsinki, Aug. 28 (mp3, 5,8 MB, 6:19)
October: Publication of Runouden puolustus. Runoja ja esseitä kahdelta vuosituhannelta (A Defence Of Poetry. Poems And Essays From Two Millenia), ed. by me, poEsia 2006, Charles visiting Finland, incl. the Turku Book Fair
presentation at the poEsia site
PDF / Order
my Foreword in English (from Foreign Literary Studies, China) [Essays]
my “statement” on translating “Besotted Desquamation”
Turun Sanomat
Markku Paasonen in Helsingin Sanomat (& English by Make Copies)
Janne Nummela in Kiiltomato
Risto Ahti in Parnasso
Jaakko Yli-Juonikas in Nuori Voima
Reading in Cafe Engel, Helsinki
– video of Ch. and I reading “Thank You For Saying Thank You” (from orig. and from Aki Salmela’s translation, courtesy by Karri Kokko)
What’s the first Finnish poem?” – Charles’s video portrait of me (taken in the train to Turku)


My “In the Un-American Tree; The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetries and Their Aftermath, with a Special Reference to Charles Bernstein Translated” – keynote address in a conference on 20th Century American Poetry in Wuhan, China [Essays]


Aeons Swish In Eden’s Way” – my poem, based, Sestina-like, on Charles’s “Johnny Cake Hollow” and translations of it [Barbaric]
“Living In A Digital World”, a joint presentation at the International Writers’ and Translators’ Conference WALTIC, Stockholm, Juni 30, 2008
html of slide show prepared by Charles