May 12, 2005

For Pejk Malinovski

World, hello, I should be buying my transatlantic ticket in Helsinki instead? They spent all day pubcrawling around Helsinki instead of going on the run. This meant that Helsinki, instead of being the eastern most part of the western world, became the western most part of the East. The start of World War II cancelled those plans, however, and preparations were rapidly made to hold them in Helsinki instead. In case you fly to Helsinki instead of Tampere there is bus service (see below). However, four of the group have since decided to base the weekend in Helsinki instead. Some speakers of English may think that Helsinki is most “naturally” pronounced “HelSINKi”, the residents of the city will insist on “HELsinki” instead. The Board of Directors proposes that the corporation’s domicile in Lahti be changed to Helsinki instead. Even though there is only 500 000 people in Helsinki instead of 20 million. Should flights be unavailable to Prague, book your flight via Helsinki instead. See also if you could go from Hamburg or Berlin to Helsinki instead. President Clinton says he will meet with President Yeltsin in Helsinki instead of Washington. Next stop Helsinki. Instead of taking a 12-hour day ferry with the group. However, those developments did not lead to the quick ratification that was expected after the summit in Helsinki. Instead, domestic politics again. Your search for ‘ehlsinki’ doesnt seem correct. Did you mean ‘helsinki’ instead? It may be more convenient not to go all the way to Helsinki. Instead, you can change the train in Kouvola. Some two hundred kilometres north of Helsinki, instead of reaching out for the suburban mysteries of the Knebworth Kosmos. He found there was a two-week wait for the ferry from Leningrad to Helsinki. Instead he chose to drive all the way to the Arctic Circle. Another thing you might consider is returning to the US via Helsinki instead, as we did. 1 person recommended Nuspirit Helsinki instead of Waltz for Koop. The Central School of the society would remain the higher handicraft school of Helsinki. Instead it decided to discontinue. Perhaps because the shop’s clientele have “moved up” to trips to Helsinki instead. Which is situated a few kilometers outside the city, west of Helsinki. Instead of riding in a big black car. If I get on a shuttle bus and go there now, I can make it and continue on to Stockholm and then Helsinki instead of to Helsinki directly. I should have been on a plane to Helsinki instead. There is Helsinki instead Lappeenranta but the zip code is right. Think Curtis Mayfield being brought up in the suburbs of Helsinki instead of Chicago. Could therefore not have served as a springboard for a swift advance toward Helsinki. Instead, the 12-inch mobile guns at Hangö could have begun. I got 4 tickets but my flatmate went to Helsinki instead, as you do. In its own productions, the theatre draws on freelance artists in the capital area of Helsinki instead of a permanent artistic staff. I would pass by Helsinki instead to fluyng from Paris. Then the IOC briefly flirted with a visit to Helsinki instead. Train P 108 departs at 9:37 from Pieksämäki to Turku and runs to Helsinki instead with number P 92.This year, the two-day event will take place in Helsinki instead. The operators screw up the system and send the notification to somebody in Helsinki instead (don’t laugh). He is wanting conference of Helsinki instead so it is easy of travel. The organiser will pay for a flight ticket Helsinki-Oulu-Helsinki instead of the expenses by own car. The embarrassment of being unable to stage the world championships, which were given to Helsinki instead. The World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki. Instead, the Mental Capacity Bill requires that the research must. Ultimately, Helsinki, instead of ensuring the permanence of the Soviet empire, contributed to its eventual demise. Eg Helsinki instead of London, NY or LA. Of course, we booked flights to Helsinki instead. Rick Nash might have been a difference-maker in Canada’s gold-medal loss to Team USA last year in Helsinki. Instead, Nash was scoring his goals. To discuss Russia’s position on NATO expansion and the 19-20 March Yeltsin-Clinton summit in Helsinki. Instead of Rodionov. Somehow ended up taking a plane to Helsinki instead of Oslo. Didn’t go to Helsinki. Instead he was in Prague, watching the Czech women’s tennis team. Suddenly, The Dating Game starts sending winning contestants to places like “romantic West Berlin” and “fabulous Helsinki” instead of Paris. Raud chose Helsinki instead of the University of Tartu. Duced in the power plants of Helsinki. Instead the energy. I’d rather sleep in through or spend time sightseeing in Helsinki instead. The University of Helsinki, instead, already had long traditions of receiving western influence. It may feel more like Helsinki instead. Imagine the travel time he would have saved if he would have gone to Paris and then Helsinki instead of the route he followed. There is little institutional memory within MFA in Helsinki. Instead institutional memory relating to specific projects stays. Book your flight via Helsinki instead. The interview takes place at a corner office in Helsinki, instead of a S. The IAAF decided to award the games to Helsinki instead. Imaginary journey … Helsinki instead. Fly to Helsinki instead of Tampere. An average 50-minute trip from Lahti to Helsinki instead of the current 95 minutes. Waste in two fractions was chosen in Helsinki instead of three fractions in 1910. Hitler actually never bombed Helsinki. Instead the Soviets did. Cheap flights to helsinki instead. Should flights be unavailable to Budapest, book your flight via Helsinki instead. Fly the aircraft to Helsinki instead. Will be in Helsinki instead for work. Why did not Al Qaeda bomb Stockholm or Helsinki instead? It upgraded its China handset section so it reports directly to Helsinki instead of regional headquarters in Singapore. The IAAF were having none of it and moved the whole prestige project to Helsinki instead. Is just a stub that substitutes the clone font Helsinki instead. You oughta try Helsinki instead. Others chose to visit the amusement park in Helsinki instead. Helsinki instead of Oulu. Velikhov did not manage to get that document to us before Sasha left Helsinki. Instead he had the Academy of Sciences telex the embassy in Helsinki. The night before, our local hosts had convinced us to hitchhike the 460 kilometers from Joensuu to Helsinki, instead of taking a bus. We decided we really would like to have a nice and quiet late lunch/early dinner in Helsinki instead. Before sitting him out of Game 2 in Tampa, Hitchcock said Pitkanen should be “sunbathing somewhere in Helsinki” instead of playing in a heated playoff series. Per flew in very early this morning to Helsinki instead. Why Helsinki? “We diverted to Helsinki, instead of going to Amsterdam,” said Peter. Was he philosophical? 2 people recommended Nuspirit Helsinki instead of Verve Remixed. I had to set Entourage’s Preferences/Calendar “default time zone for new events” as Helsinki instead of Jerusalem. I decided that I would start the voyage in Helsinki instead in order to pick up Carita. They were told that their flight to Turku had been cancelled and they would have to wait for a different flight to Helsinki instead. Des went to Helsingfors with his mother, who went to Helsinki instead. 1 person recommended Nuspirit Helsinki instead of In Between. I was also pleased to hear that this new route home would take me via Helsinki instead of Amsterdam. HELSINKI — Instead of wasting time sitting on commuter trains. Of course, you might also ask NATO to bomb the local courts in Helsinki, instead of Kosovo. There is BTW a chance that we will play in Helsinki instead. Last year, I met a couple from Philadelphia on a Malaysian flight from HKT-KUL who were returning home via Dubai (the routing may now be Helsinki instead). You can forgo Lapland—and knock $100 off the price tag—to hole up in Helsinki instead. I would’ve liked to have gone to the protest yesterday, but I decided to go drink beer and see Architecture in Helsinki instead. 1 person recommended Nuspirit Helsinki instead of Hi Fidelity Lounge. 2 people recommended Nuspirit Helsinki in addition to Waltz for Koop. The IAAF took them back and awarded them to Helsinki instead. But we did not participate in Raid. We went to Helsinki instead and then to the north towards Lahti and the Lake District. Suddenly when the team names are Regina against Helsinki instead of Canada against Finland we arent as swayed to cheer for one team over another. Please note that the program now includes the talk “Meaning, Extension, and Dispositions” by Panu Raatikainen (University of Helsinki) instead.