A completely reworked, English “version” of my poem “Juanita ja näkökulmia” (Kielletyt leikit, 1994, published in a more concentional translation as “Juanita And Aspects” in my Lake Onega and Other Poems, Salt 2006). “Juanita And Points Of View II” was first published in 99 Poets/1999: An International Poetics Symposium, a special issue of boundary 2, ed. Charles Bernstein.

La série bilingue des LANGUES POUR TOUS permet un contact direct
avec les auteurs
The scene is un-American.
“Sir”, said the butler, turning to a sort of mottled pallor,
“that thing was not my sister.”
Propaganda was another shock.
The same principles apply today as did in the days of Lamartine.
To the east and south, at right angles, were advancing two mighty walls of
at eight o’clock Wednesday evening I passed through Union Square, and
the surrender was complete.
And even though he never wrote for the piano, he opened the door to the
rich tapestry.
A special class, open, is specified to represent the expanded state – I haven’t
felt so uplifted since going to see the Stones at the
Buffalo Station.
No doctor ever understood her case.
Here’s the finished translation.
Following Stillinger, ‘Gif ye wol stonden hardie wight’ is treated as
a separate fragment. If you are still having a problem with this software,
please read the following
section. Indeed, precisely because talent isn’t abundant
in a minor literature, there are no possibilities for an individual
enunciation: the book
is funny
and at times hilarious, but there is nothing saccharine about
the authors will.
He does that number with a tablecloth.

The first game is over now, but the canon is little affected. An excited
crowd gathers in the street below and gasps in horror when he
plucks the girl
from the room.
Luke said to Bridged: “Show me the kitchen garden.”
“Why the kitchen garden?”
“I have a feeling for cabbages.”
Bridged retorted sharply.
At 8:00 P.M. a murmur went through the crowd
as the Carpathia gradually appeared
out of the darkness and rain – throughout Italy – Enotria
or “land of wine” as it was known to the
ancients – on blanks provided (…) to Adult Visitors (…) in one magnifi-
cent, lavishly
illustrated volume.
My mind was miserably clogged with unsorted and misty warnings of Thai
It is important to make sure that you have the most current drivers for
your video
and sound cards.
He is plainly seized with one of those maladies that both torture and
deform the sufferer.
As he reaches to turn off the last umbrella light,
he tips his head and wipes an eye on his shoulder.
A couple thousand users visit daily. A human puts fish on the rice.
These compromises should come as no surprise
as the market continues to
speak out and
Metric Security looks toward a kind of Automatic
Teller Mall that performs.