Ääninen (Lake Onega, Like 1997), my “Dantean-Dadaistic” book of metrical sonnets, finishes my slide into pure experimentation. In the words of poet and critic Miia Toivio, in it, “it is the language, not the meaning, which carries the poems forward”. The book was – and is – accompanied by a digital interface where the user can produce an infinite number of new (metrical and semantical) sonnets based on all the words used in the book.

Despite of Ääninen having been a news item of sorts (mainly on account of the online interface), I still take a centain pride of it’s recieving zero newspaper reviews.

My Lake Onega and Other Poems (Salt 2006) carries a full English version of the book – trans- and wrongslations in the spirit of the methods used to compile the original work.

Download the Finnish version as pdf (new January 2009)

The Finnish Afterword (“Lukijalle”)

“Notes to Lake Onega” (from the English publication, in English

Text of my discussion on Ääninen with Piritta Maavuori in Finnish Radio 1, Fall 1997

The Finnish scholar, Kuisma Korhonen, has written an extensive essay on Ääninen and its two interfaces which was originally published in Sakari Katajamäki and Johanna Pentikäinen (eds.): Runosta runoon. Suomalaisen runon yhteyksiä länsimaiseen kirjallisuuteen (Poem to Poem. Finnish Poetry and the Western Literature Context). WSOY 2005.

Kuisma Korhonen: Renessanssi @ www.leevilehto.net
Kuisma Korhonen: Renaissance @ www.leevilehto.net (trans. by Make Copies)


Lauri Sipilä Tuli&Savu 1/1998 (Tuli&Savu Net)
Jukka Mallinen: Leevi Lehdon Äänisestä
Juri Nummelin: Mitallisen runouden paluu? (Agricola)


Karri Kokko: Sähköinen sonetintekijä (feature in Iltalehti)
Heikki Saure: Kynän ja hiiren liitto