I think of Kielletyt leikit (Forbidden Games, or, Games Made Into Language, Otava 1994) as my most New York Schoolian book – at the time of writing (practically a week in Fall 1993) I was working on my Finnish translation of Flow Chart by John Ashbery. While actually deepening the elegiac tone of my previous collection, I’ve always seen it as obsessed with sound (“päiväin yhtäaikainen iäisyys ja lyhykäisyys“). This, in turn, introduces humour and joy – games! beyond despair- in the form of incessant dry understatements which I now tend to see as a key element in all my later poetry. With a couple of exceptions, the critical reception was lame, if not dismissive.

Ten pieces from this book, including the final longpoem “Lumisade” (Snowfall) were included in my English book Lake Onega and Other Poems (Salt Publishing 2006).

Download as pdf (new, January 2009)

An interview with me by Piritta Maavuori, in “Tanssiva karhu”, Finnish Radio 1, on Kielletyt leikit (mp3, 18,4 MB, 20:06)


Tero Liukkonen: “Leikkejä kielellä”, Helsingin Sanomat 8.5.1994

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Ilkka Jauhiainen: Kielletyistä leikeistä (Tanssiva karhu)