My sixth volume of poetry, Ampauksia ympäripyörivästä raketista (Shootings From A Round-Going Rocket, Savukeidas) was published in October, 2004.

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My readings of “Elegia” (mp3, 1,94 MB, 3:24) and of “Sanasade”


Ananke. Pantun” (Estonian by Hasso Krull)
Soome kommunistid Ida-Karjalas” (Estonian by Elo Viiding)


Jonimatti Joutsijärvi: “Sulautuvia ja jakautuvia puhujia (Nuori Voima, via Tuli&Savu Net, N)

J. K. Ihalainen: “Runoja karanneesta satelliitista” (Kirjo, via Tuli&Savu Net, N)

Seppo Järvinen: “Kuka kirjoittaa” (Parnasso)

Matti Saurama: “Mantraan piirretty kaavio” (Uutispäivä Demari)

Tuomo Karhu: “H=A=U=S=K=A=A K=I=E=L=I=J=U=M=P=P=A=A” (Turun Sanomat)

Heikki Saure: “Voi tätä Päivää!” (on Ampauksia and Päivä, Etelä-Suomen Sanomat)

From reviews:

“For Lehto, searching is more important than expressing; you could talk of a controlled chance (…) hilarious nonsense, after which you have difficulty in relating to the so called serious poetry.” (Tuomo Karhu)

“[The poem ‘Pitkiä hiljaisuuksia’ (Long Periods of Silence)] could also be related to Ronald Johnson, Gertrude Stein, Kurt Schwitters, even to John Cage’s Finnegans Wake experiments – but does this mean that I live in a wrong century?” (J. K. Ihalainen)

“One of the seminal works of the season.” (Seppo Järvinen)

“His long poems (…) are unique in the Finnish literature”. (Jonimatti Joutsijärvi)

“He creates and renews language, keeping it in a continuous movement by his consciously reckless attitude, and by breaking (…).” (Matti Saurama)

“Leevi Lehto’s newest works are more important to the development of our literature than the books that get much publicity and the favors of the competition juries.” (Heikki Saure)

“One of the most important collections of poetry in a decade.” (Teemu Manninen, at Kiiltomato discussion board)

Table of Contents

Hic Rhodos
Lakkaan satamasta (Based on “The Harbour of Illusion” by Charles Bernstein)
Ananke: pantun (Ananke: A Pantoum)
Suomalaiset kommunistit Itä-Karjalassa (The Finnish Communists in Eastern Karelia)
Ampauksia ympäripyörivästä raketista (Shootings From A Round-Going Racket)
Elegia (Elegy)
Pitkiä hiljaisuuksia (Long Period Of Silence)
Hän kirjoittaa (He Writes)
Sanasade (Word Rain)

Excerpts from book

Ananke: pantun
– English by the Author
– Danish by Lene Asp Fredriksen (
– Portuguese by Odile Cisneros
– Swedish by Martin Enckell
– Icelandic by Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl (

Suomalaiset kommunistit Itä-Karjalassa
– into English as “The Finnish Communists in Eastern Carelia” by the Author
– into Russian as “ФИНСКИЕ КОММУНИСТЫ В КАРЕЛЬСКОЙ АССР” by Sergej Zavjalov
– into Portuguese as “Os comunistas finlandeses em Karélia do Leste” by Marja Elisabeth Lintulahti Olandim and Odile Cisneros

Ampauksia Press Release (F)

Ampauksia page at (F)

The Savukeidas poets of Fall 2004,
Santtu Puukka (Nuorallatanssia)
and Leevi Lehto at Turku Book Fair, October 2004.