Pound of So-etry!

“Witty and insightful, provocative and informative, The Sound of Poetry / The Poetry of Sound [ed. by Marjorie Perloff and Craig Dworkin, University of Chicago Books 2009] proposes nothing short of a reevaluation of the nature of poetry. In focusing on sound – such as the timbre of a poet’s voice, the noises associated with futurism, radio, and John Cage, or the challenges inherent in translation or graphic poetry – these essays explore language as living voice, and that voice (as shaped in poetry) rooted in history and place. Compelling in its alteration between personal experiences and tour de force analyses, and extraordinarily wide-ranging with perspectives from around the world, this book convinces us that poetry may be language made strange, but sound endows it with freedom and much of its power. A landmark collection rich with interdiciplinary resonances.” (John Paslet, University of California, San Diego). – The essayists are the editors, Susan Stewart, me (with this), Yante Huang, Rosmarie Waldrop, Richard Sieburth, Gordana P. Crnković, Nancy Perloff, Steve McCaffery, Christian Bök, Charles Bernstein, Hélène Aji, Yoko Tawada, Susan Howe, Rubén Gallo, Antonio Sergio Bessa, Johanna Drucker, Ming-Qian Ma, Brian M. Reed, and Kenneth Goldsmith with his remarkable “I Love Speech” speech from the Presidential Forum at the Modern Language Association annual convention in 2006, where most of the stuff in the book originates.

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  1. 1 hosein tavafi

    my dear mr lehto! i am so happy to find your site. i knew you from electronic verses. so fantastic poems of fin poets i red there. i also tried to render some of them to my language.persian.
    i am a young persian poet. and i am study phd of persian literature. i like your poems a lot . not so long they are . short and effective. i also downloaded kalevala .so magnificiant and stylistic.
    i beg pardon for my bad english talence. so sorry!

    i poblished two poetry collections up to know ( 2007and 2008) and i am going to ghather my thired collection poems. my be next persian year i give it to publisher. i would be so happy if you answer me. i like your poems alot and i think you are as nice as your poems .

    deeply yours

    hosein tavafi

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