Acoustic, or turn of the century, music

is the title of my tomorrow radio feature  in Finnish Yle 1 (Ääniversumi),  87,9 MHz / Welho 92,3, starting 11 PM Finnish time and featuring 10 minutes interview (by the producer, Mikko Ahonen) + 45 minutes reading from traditional Finnish, experimental American and Swedish, and my own poetry (for details, see below). Also NOTE that from 11.10 PM Finnish time tomorrow, Sept 15, through around Oct 15, the reading will be globally available online at the Ääniversumi site.


“He is also famous for his strong performances of both his own work and of Finnish classics .” — Miia Toivio, Finland

”[gave] a terrific reading of a sound poem in ‘barbaric Finnish’.” — Ron Silliman, US

”The most singular performer I know.” — ADACHI Tomomi, Japan

”The Väinämöinen of Finnish Sound Poetry.” — Jouni Tossavanen, Finland

”[…] it is a kind of blessed nonsense that brings poetry back to its love affair with intonation and sound — that materiality of noise that coheres and melts again and coheres again…” — Philip Meters, US

”Much of it is in Finnish, but don’t worry — you might not understand it anyway!” — Leevi Lehto

Program Contents

– Eino Leino, Tuulikannel (1905)  2’02
– Otto Manninen, Vesuvius (1905)  5’09
– Leevi Lehto, Elegia (2004)  3’18
– Charles Bernstein, Besotted Desquamation (2001, in Finnish transl. by LL)  5’14
– Lars Mikael Raattamaa, Pajkerno (2006, in Engl. transl. by LL)  3’39
– John Keats, Bright Star (1818) / Leevi Lehto, Negatiivinen kyky (1997) / Leevi Lehto, Negative Capability (2006)  1’02
– Leevi Lehto, Handy MacCoystysen rakkauslaulu (2007)  10’04
– Leevi Lehto, Ananke: pantun (2004)   4’31
– Leevi Lehto, Sanasade (2004)  7’19

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