The main guest to this year’s Kuopio Sound Poetry Seminar (The Conference Room of Kuopio City Library, Sat. Sept. 6, 1 to 3 PM, as part of the Kirjakantti literary festival) will be ADACHI Tomomi from Japan (in the photo by Christian Yde Frostholm performing at Audiatur, Bergen, Norway, Fall 2007). The Seminar will be chaired by me and also addressed by poet Miia Toivio; in the evening’s Sound Club event, hosted by poet Jouni Tossavainen, Tomomi will perform together with Jonimatti Joutsijärvi, Marita Lindholm, Miia Toivio, and me. Apart from Kuopio, Tomomi’s Scandinavian tour will take him to LitteraturHaus, Copenhagen (Sept 2.), Fylkingen, Stockholm (Sept 3.), Muusajuhlat, Oulu (Sept. 7), and Helsinki (Sept. 9, incl. improvizations together with Jone Takamäki; details forthcoming). For more on this wonderful and inventive artist/performer, visit and his page at UbuWeb.

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  1. 1 j.henry

    glad to see this here! — also, note the tomomi adachi video page i’ve just released at pennsound! a stupendous performer i wish i’d seen scandinavian (tho i did catch a set in tokyo, where i solicited some those videos for the pennsound archive).

    .. .

    but then, mr. lehto, loving yr new blog &blushing (as before) to see j.h c rolling sideline. since i haven’t a chance to catch any of yr readings in the immediate future, i’ll inquire here: any material i might put to the pennsound server? video or otherwise, our offerings now are scandalously slight, &i’m gathering a collection of deformance that i’d be most honored to include yr work in!

    j.h c / d.s s

  2. 2 admin

    Dear j.h. c, thanks for comment and information about Tomomi’s new page – he showed it to me as not yet released while here – it’s great! We may actually be able to offer you additional stuff soon – from his Helsinki performance where he also did a terrific 30 minutes improvisation session together with the Finnish musician, Jone Takamäki. I’m supposed to get my hands on the – separate – audio and video recordings some time next week. – As for my own audio work, well, check the entry about my tomorrow’s radio show up there soon. That will be online on the Finnish radio’s site for a while, we’ll see if it can be transferred to PennSound later on. I’m aware that I should provide you with other stuff, too (and have talked this with Charles several times), only have been too overwhelmed these I don’t know how many past months (as you can also soo from how slowly this new site is developing). I’m sure all this will change in near future. Best, Leevi

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