Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Leino, Haavikko, me & “music”

Some preliminary results of my recent forays onto the border-area between “poetry” and “music”: 1) a demo of my “singing”  (mp3, 2:30) (of four stanzas of) that beloved classic of traditional Finnish poetry, “Lapin kesä” (The Summer of Lapland, from Kangastuksia, 1902; for the lyrics, in Finnish and in English transl., click here) by Eino Leino, over Chuck Berry’s orig. recording of “Rock and Roll Music”; 2) a well-known poem by the late Finnish Modernist master, Paavo Haavikko, “Kukaan ei ymmärrä minua (tässä ravintolassa)” [No One Understands Me (In This Restaurant), from Viiniä, kirjoitusta, Otava 1976] performed by me (mp3, 3:35) against the 1966 Rolling Stones classic, “Paint It, Black” in my on arrangement ; 3) my sonnet, “Vedekieltä, kai” from Ääninen (Like 1997), read as accompaniment, so to say, to a small musical composition of my own (mp3, 1:21). I welcome you to listen and to be horrified – I for my part continue to be fascinated with “doing things I cannot do”, as well as with a larger perspective of “putting music into language” (instead of other way round).