Monthly Archive for September, 2009

Michael Peverett

follows closely on Li Manping’s footsteps in this thoughtful piece recently published at Intercapillary / Space.

Chinese Revelations

This essay on my poetry, in the Aug, 2009 issue (Vol. 31, No. 4) of Foreign Literary Sudies, one of China’s top academic journals in the field, by Li Manping, is also the first published review of my English book, Lake Onega and Other Poems (Salt 2006) that I know of.

Newly out from ntamo

Kuinka olla täydellinen by Ron Padgett, transl. by Aki Salmela; Nättiä kirjoitusta by Leena Rantanen (for children); Kakaduu! by Reetta Niemelä (for children); happi JA MUITA MINIMALISTISIA RUNOJA by Aram Saroyan, transl. by Kristian Blomberg and Harry Salmenniemi; punaisia vesikasveja lammen pinnalla mutta järistys tapahtui meren pohjassa by Hannimari Heino; filé by Jusu Annala; Sillat voitetaan kulkemalla by Karri Kokko; SLAM! 2009, ed. by Jouni Tossavainen and Leevi Lehto; Khaijamin lauluja by Omar Khayyam, transl. from Persian by Kiamars Baghbani and Leevi Lehto; Bodice Ripper Apart by Juri Nummelin; sorta vala by Teemu Helle; Kastelimme heitä runsaasti kahvilla by Timo Harju – and you better prepare for more in near future.