Monthly Archive for June, 2009

A door is to find a key

“A door is to find the key s’ia / And the veil is a wish to rid the eye: / A little grease here, et, en, / And then un, and dancing, and smoke.” – To read my recent new poem translated into English by Google, click here. Intrigued to find “Finnish” (in English in the original’s attribution of the translation) to “translate” as “English” here…

Leevi Lehto: Päivän zbras paahtoleipä

My new poem is a selection of quatrains by Omar Khayyám, as translated into finnish by Rushit Bilbil Gramshi and Google.

Olli-Pekka Tennilä

on my Finnish book of essays in Tuli&Savu 1/2009.

New books from ntamo

by Tuukka Terho, Jukka Tervo, and Markku Aalto. You can now buy and order these – and soon all other – ntamo books also from its new domestic printer, Kirja kerrallaan.