Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Going Chineeeese…

World Literature, a Beijing bimonthly, in its issue 3/2008, carries a sequence of my sonnets in translation into Chinese by Ziqing Zhang.

Writing Without Writing

Local Colour by derek beaulieu is a page–by–page interpretation of Paul Auster’s 72–page novella Ghosts. Ghosts concerns itself with Blue, a private detective hired by a mysterious character named White to transcribe the actions of Black, a denizen of Brooklyn Heights. As Blue reports his findings, the reader becomes more aware of the intricate relationship between Black and White, and a tactile awareness of colour spreads through the narrative. With Local Colour, beaulieu has removed the entirety of Auster’s text, leaving only chromatic words—proper nouns or not—spread across the page as dollops of paint on a palette. What remains is the written equivalent of ambient music—words which are meant to be seen but not read. The colours, through repetition, build a suspense and crescendo which is loosened from traditional narrative into a more pointillist construction. beaulieu’s writing is a record of reading, a trace of absence. A writing without writing – & available as per today from ntamo.

Mutanen, Annala, Kokko, Tervo

Four new titles out from ntamo.